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“Choose One Thing”

In my last post I talked about how successful organizational change depends on participants connecting to it, and I suggested a number of ways to establish those connections. But what is it they are connecting to? Organizational change begins with an idea, an idea that will make a difference for the company, its people and its customers. Today’s organizations are made up of elaborate interconnected relationships that require complex thinking to bring about change. However, our tendency to present the complexity of our ideas is exactly what keeps people [More...]

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Known for engine braking for more than 50 years, Jacobs Vehicle Systems has an idea that will change how it does business. Breaking Orbit: The Story of JVS Engineering looks at how an initiative turned what had long been core competencies at Jacobs – design, process development and manufacturing – into the foundation of something completely new.

The video, produced by Fathom Art Director Jonathan Abel, is filmed on the manufacturing floor of the company’s facility in Bloomfield, CT. Machinery thrums in the background as the camera captures the production line. It focuses in on Jacobs Vehicle Systems [More...]

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Introducing change into an organization is tough business. Dr. John Kotter’s research in the mid 90’s found that only 30% of organizational change programs succeed no matter the scale of the initiative or the size of the organization. Even with an endless parade of consultants, tools, and methodologies to help avoid the pitfalls, this statistic still holds true today. So why is there such an abysmal track record of successful change? One of the leading factors for failure remains employee resistance. This suggests that the industry [More...]

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Sounding human never felt so right.

Google’s recent algorithm update has, for the foreseeable future, given well written, relevant content a preferred seat at the audience engagement table. The way Copyblogger describes it, Hummingbird is Google’s first step toward providing search results based on conversational rather than keyword-based searches. So sources of information that address specific needs and sound like a human wrote them for another human to read, a sweet spot for well-written blogs, are going to rise to [More...]

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When clients come to us looking to develop a global online presence, they are often overwhelmed with where to start, and typically reference the “select your country” or other standard approach. However, in our experience following a standard never really ends up effectively resolving the concerns that had been seen as globally important in the first place. Instead, we take a strategic approach to establish the right way to do it for each unique client. We ask clients, “what business opportunities does having a global online presence support?”

Having clarity on the concrete business goals of shifting perception from a national [More...]

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If you work in a communications capacity for a B2B company with a complex sales cycle, you know how hard it is to find evidence of success for communication activities. Many companies believe that if it can’t be measured it doesn’t matter. These folks miss out on opportunities to build their businesses through tactics that are directionally right-on but are hard to measure with ROI.

Thankfully, there’s a better way to gauge the success of marketing communications than with ROI alone. You need to know about ROO or Return on Objectives.

First, Know What You’re Measuring

At Fathom, many of [More...]

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