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Anyone who knows me, knows I am all about the sweets.  So imagine my surprise when I pass an ice cream truck painted up with my bank’s logo all over it. Weird. But it gets better. This ice cream truck also advertises FREE ice cream. The only thing I like better than sweets are FREE sweets. In this economy – free ice cream?  Really? Amazing.

I beg my husband to turn the car around and follow that ice cream truck. I must investigate further. But, we’re already running late, so I don’t get to find out just why my bank is giving out free ice cream in fancy painted trucks.

Later that week, we go through the drive-through of our bank with our beloved dog, Izzie, in the backseat. After we’re done with our transaction, we open up that little capsule thing that miraculously moves through that little tunnel, and we find a dog biscuit.  We both think this is pretty cool. Izzie loves dog biscuits, and I love free stuff, even if it’s for the dog.

I forget about the ice cream and dog biscuit events for a day or two and go about my business.

Then, sitting around the conference room table at lunch with about eight of my co-workers, I remember the ice cream truck. Who knows what triggered the memory, but I tell the ice cream truck story and the story of the dog biscuit. We Google the bank, and the ice cream truck promotion and pull up the bank’s website. And sure enough on their homepage it says the words I dream about hearing, “Look for FREE ICE CREAM in your area. Find Us.”


Photo borrowed from National Media Services, Inc.

And now that I am looking more closely at the site to write this blog, I see that they are also giving $1 to the United Way for each photo you upload of yourself and your friends enjoying this free ice cream. Free Ice Cream and they donate to a charity just because I am eating that free ice cream? WOW.  Well, the point is, neat (yeah, I said neat) promotions like these get my attention. And I feel the need to share the free ice cream story with everyone I know. I have a degree in advertising, I work in the marketing and advertising industry – and I am still wowed by little things like this. I think about them sitting around a table coming up with this simple, yet effective, way to get the word out about their bank, I think about someone making this idea come to life, the logistics of it, and the creative on the truck, and I get excited about the industry I work in.

My point being that even though summer is officially over and I caught this promotion at the tail end (and didn’t get any free ice cream this year – boo!), I still spread the word to my friends and coworkers.  GOOD JOB Webster Bank!

Readers, what unique promotions have you talking lately?

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