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Today, AdWeek posted their review of the best and worst holiday agency holiday cards ala the blog and as selected by Saatchi & Saatchi’s James Cooper and Adweek’s Brian Morrissey. When we saw the AdWeek review of holiday cards, we had a lot more fun looking at the ones they didn’t review, all of which were posted in the comments by other agencies. Five of our favs are listed below.

At Fathom, our creative team has a blast each year coming up with our annual “card” which, for the past two years, has been a fun online game titled Saucer Sled Champion. This year they created Saucer Sled Champion: Escape from the Abominable.

Saucer Sled Champion: Escape from the Abominable

Saucer Sled Champion: Escape from the Abominable

We think that, since 2009 was such an abominable year, we all could use some fun for the hell of it. The game allows you to create a personal avatar or choose a celeb such as Tiger Woods, Lady Gaga or Chevy Chase (whose Christmas Vacation’s classic saucer sled craziness was our inspiration for the game), while you rack up points and try not to lose lives or  your dignity.

Before you click on the Saucer Sled game to play away your work day, here is our review of some other cool holiday efforts that were not reviewed and could use a bit more notoriety. Note that the descriptions we have posted here are ours . . .

“Jack Bauer Gets on the Naughty List” by Rebel Virals. Hands down, this card kills, and in all the right ways. Rebel Christmas Card 2009

“Advent Calendar Takes to the Streets” by Resource Interactive. Really creative way to incorporate feet-on-the-street video with what feels like an old time paper advent calendar. Resource Interactive

“Give the Gift of Neil Young” by Engine Digital. So, it’s not the most interactive or inventive, but we like anyone who makes fun of social media campaigns and particularly themselves. Engine Digital

“The Untold Story of the Wrath of Christmas Krampus” by FirehouseDallas. Who doesn’t love a wholesome holiday story? Well, if you do, you won’t find it here. This one is on par with Naughty Jack Bauer on the scale of demented (and we like that). Christmas Krampus

“Regifting a Digital Fruitcake” by Martin Agency. We have a particular fondness for fruitcake, but only as a plaything (per Saucer Sled). Digital Fruitcake

There are tons of great, creative holiday wishes out there from really cool agencies that are obviously not all posted here. Which ones really got your egg nog flowing?

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