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Each Friday, the Fathom crew comes together at 12:15 to eat lunch, talk about the week and discuss a topic of interest. Since what happens at Fathom doesn’t have to stay at Fathom (well, mostly), we use our blog to share the conversations that we hope will interest you too.

Things are changing at Fathom. We are taking on work that is challenging and new. We are expanding our team, our skill sets and our future by taking on opportunities that didn’t exist a year ago. Things are good.

Ben shows us how eating cake gets done

But, there is one thing that will never change at Fathom. Our love for cake. We love cake. We make cake. We devour cake. Many times cake shows up in the form of cupcakes and we have also found someone else who loves cake to feed our addiction. We call her the Cake Lady. The Cake Lady helps us celebrate birthdays and other events, and now something new: client and project milestones.

Today, we celebrated the launch of a new brand and website for a client that has had an extremely positive impact on our team. Next week we will officially announce the launch but, for today, the Fathom team gathered to eat cake.

Celebrating is important. It’s not about how you celebrate (although the cake is important). It’s about why. It’s easy to wrap up a project and then quickly move on to the next thing. Taking just a small slice of time to talk about your accomplishment, as we did at lunch, and then revel in it, as we did with cake, is more than patting yourself on the back. Celebrating brings what you’ve been working on and creating for months to life in a very real way, especially for those who were not directly involved in the project.

Honor what you do, the people who believe in what you do and the team that helped get you there. And do it with cake. It’s so much sweeter that way.

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