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Today at lunch, Fathom continued our conversation on how, as a company, we can find ways to make giving a habit. While we are unsure of exactly what this will be moving forward, we are happy to announce our first step into putting good works into action.

We’ve decided to start by supporting a local hero, someone who has already made giving an everyday part of his life.

Enter: Joe the Barber

Photo: STEPHEN DUNN, Hartford Courant / April 6, 2011

For more than 20 years, Joe (whose real name is Anthony Cymerys) has been showing up each Wednesday night in Hartford’s Bushnell Park, rain or shine, to give haircuts to people in need. On Wed., Nov. 16, Fathom and Agave Grill will join Joe and bring dinner, dessert and boxes of coats.

From now until the 16th, Fathom is running a winter coat drive for Joe and Button Up Connecticut. You can help by bringing gently used or new coats to Fathom, or by scheduling a time during our pick up day on Friday, 11/11. If you are not local to Connecticut, there are other ways to help too. For details on participating, visit the Facebook fan page or contact Suzi Craig: suzic[at] To help us spread the word via Twitter, use #givecoats in your Tweets.

This is the start of a new habit of good works at Fathom. Do you know others who make giving a part of their every day life?

Share your stories here.


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