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If you visited Disney World in the 1980s, you might have seen one of those families who toted their video cameras throughout the Magic Kingdom. They strode into “It’s a Small World” with a sense of purpose – and a seemingly endless supply of videotape – but one wondered if they would ever find a willing audience for their footage back home.

Turns out they were ahead of their time. According to YouTube, more video is uploaded to the site in 60 days than the three major U.S. networks produced in 60 years. Now, they’ve launched YouTube for Schools to provide teachers with direct access to educational content (and keep the inappropriate stuff out). As Fathom continues to take on more and more video projects, we see the medium only beginning to realize its potential for business.

Fathom's video camera (for the everyday stuff) at work

Video’s role in the online space has become a way that visitors prefer to receive all kinds of information. A 2010 Forbes survey found that 75% of all executives said they watched work-related videos on business websites at least once a week. Smartphones and laptops give us practical ways to share a story on the go, and it’s one that’s not possible with words and pictures alone.

There’s a lot of potential, but it’s imperative get your story across quickly. A study by Visible Measures found that 30 seconds into an online video, up to a third of visitors leave, while 44% have moved on by the minute mark, and almost 60% have abandoned by the 2-minute mark.

Now that services like Vimeo and YouTube allow us to integrate video into websites so viewers can play them almost instantly, we find ourselves conjuring up new possibilities for a medium that has the potential to achieve the goals of good marketing – in fact, all good story telling, including:

Show, don’t tell.

Fathom client Kaman, a global leader in aerospace and industrial distribution, had until recently been very modest with its story. We created a company video that demonstrates what it means to be a part of the company, including how the accomplishments of its history are leading to more exciting innovations in the future. Kaman had produced other videos in the past but this one is different. In this video, Kaman is seen through the people who know it best, the workers who take pride in continuing the company’s tradition of doing what has never before been done.

Create a more direct connection with your visitors.

Fathom is working with a professional services client to introduce its team on its website through a series of videos. You can tell so much just by listening to someone speak in his or her own words, and this is the invitation for a longer conversation. Video is giving us a chance to create a personal introduction and to explain this firm’s philosophy more engagingly than through a static message.

Target your message for your audience – and measure what works.

For a client with a range of services, we are developing topical videos that allow visitors to self-select their areas of interest. Through analytics, we can measure what interests visitors and where on the site they choose to go for more information. By testing and learning what resonates, we can provide more of the information that visitors seek.

And while there’s still no guarantee that you can interest the folks back home in watching your latest vacation footage, with today’s analytics, at least you can track whether or not they did.

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