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How many millions of Facebook fan pages out there for businesses exist? And, how many of those fan pages show a nice, shiny logo but lack photos and imagery that show their social side? Nearly all. After March 30, that will change. Well, let’s hope.

As this Fast Company article reminds us, timeline was created to tell someone’s life story. By March 30, all businesses will be required to upgrade to Facebook timeline. With this mandatory move, Facebook is making a clear statement to businesses about what it means to be social in their social media platform: get human.

Who is behind your brand?

Timeline is no minor upgrade. The strong emphasis on imagery and a scrapbook-type layout makes this change an overhaul and is based on a different philosophy for how to present yourself.

For details about making the switch, read this step-by-step from TechCruch: How To Use Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages: New Feature Details. Then, sit down with your marketing team and talk social strategy. You have a chance to show your personality, culture, values, differences, celebrations and anything that’s meaningful to your organization.

There’s a lot to timeline and the ramp up to get it scrapbook-like (including milestones, old photos, etc.) will take a while to build. But, the easiest and most prominent piece of real estate, the top banner, should be done right away and before you publish to timeline. It’s the first thing people see — it’s a concert poster, favorite Tshirt, city mural, refrigerator magnet.

It is not ad space. Posting an ad in this space misses the entire point of timeline and will cause your brand to miss an opportunity to get personal with fans.

Some brands have already made the switch. Below are some examples for how some brands are using imagery to engage and examples of brands who are mucking it up:

Great Examples of Getting Personal


Showing the people behind the paper is a very different and personable approach for NYT, but one that works on Facebook.



Another great example of how to show personality. For Threadless, this is right in line with their fun, casual, hip brand.


Whether you'll vote for him or not, it's hard to dispute the power of this photo.


The “You Can Do Better Than That” Award Goes To . . .

As personal branding royalty goes, Arianna Huffington is queen. But, isn't there more to her than this one picture?

And . . .

According to this image, Harvard is only about preserving history. Is that true Harvard grads?

Examples of Sharing the Experience

If I were applying to college today, I'd definitely think differently about Oklahoma.


Right in line with their "Bing is for doing" tagline, the search engine posts a new picture each day.


Getting Creative


Just like in real life, Fathom is quite a mix.


How will your brand express itself on Facebook?

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