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Creating ongoing content for your online presence, whether on your website or in the social circles, is no longer the new trend. It’s a main ingredient in the recipe for marketing that engages customers and builds trust.

When working with clients to construct a content marketing strategy for its team, we often hear this: “We don’t have anything to say.” In all our years of working with clients and through the multitude of projects that we’ve helped shepherd, we have never found this to be true. There is always something interesting to say about what’s happening at your company and with your team.

Here is what I see as the top ten places to source content:

1) Completed Projects – Congratulations! You made your deadline. Now consider a post about what your team learned from the process. What insights can you share that would be useful to your clients or peers?

2) New Service Offerings – Whether it’s brand new or an area that you want to bring added visibility, share your organization’s unique perspective and invite readers to comment.

3) Industry Trends – Observed a pattern in your industry? Write about what it means for your clients and offer them suggestions on how to get ahead of it.

4) Company Culture ­– Not all posts need to be work-related. Take pictures at company events or everyday happenings. It’s a good way to help clients and prospective clients get to know you.

5) Events – Attend an event? Post your observations and insights, and invite feedback from readers.

6) Team Member Profiles – Feature members of your company so clients can see them and get to know how they think. Invite readers to contact them to discuss ideas and potential projects.

7) Job Openings – Few things generate more traffic than job openings. Write about what your company is looking for in the new role and encourage clients to share with their networks.

8) Tips and Tricks – Find something that just made your life easier? Whether it’s a new key command, an app or way to work more efficiently, a good idea is worth sharing.

9) Canvass Your Staff – Convene the team and brainstorm ideas that would be of interest to your target audiences. Develop an editorial calendar and encourage people to share ideas or write future posts.

10) Community Involvement – Share your community involvement, whether it’s a company-wide initiative or a cause that’s important to one of your team members. Be sure to let readers know how they can help.

Where do you source the most engaging and interesting content? One more tip: Pick up the phone and call your customers. Asking your fans what they want to hear from you, where and when is a great place to start.

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