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Jared Kotler is a soon-to-be senior at George Washington University in D.C. majoring in Marketing and Business. He grew up in our home base of West Hartford, Conn. and is spending the summer at Fathom to gain more experience in marketing and business development. His skills in writing, communications and social media are exceptional. He once worked for Richard Blumenthal and is a self-proclaimed sports nut, as is evident from his tweets. But it was Jared’s positive energy, persistence and sheer joy for what he wants to do that caught our eye.

This is a first . . . an intern in a suit and tie. Classy guy.

His first project at Fathom is to interview our people to get to know who we are and what we do and then present his findings to everyone at Friday Lunch on 5/24. He was also tasked with uncovering something about each of us that no one else knows. And, I’m going to now attempt to do the same . . .

Suzi: You’re a business and marketing major at George Washington University. What interests you the most about this field?

Jared: When trying to find the best major I was looking for something that truly interested and challenged me. I took an Intro to Marketing course and really liked the material and projects that were assigned to the class. Business and marketing both deal with a lot of strategy, creativity, and communication; three areas that I have always enjoyed working in.

S: You’ve worked on marketing campaigns before and are not exactly new to our world. Since we don’t advertise and primarily focus our efforts on content marketing and generating conversations, what do you see as your biggest challenge in helping us to market Fathom?

J: My biggest challenge has already passed! It was to get to know everything there is about Fathom and the people who work here. Now that I know more information about the people who work here and what Fathom truly offers their clients, helping to market Fathom will be much easier.

S: How are your interviews with everyone going? Are people giving up the goods?

J: The first project is going really well. It has been great getting to spend some time talking with everyone here at Fathom and finding out about their background and roles at the company. People are giving me great fun facts . . . I think they will truly surprise everyone.

S: What kind of experience do students look for in an internship these days and what are you hoping to leave here with in August?

J: Students look for an internship that will provide them with experience in a field interesting to them. An internship really gives you a chance to determine how much you would like to work in a particular field after graduation. I am looking to learn how Fathom runs and the way business is conducted here along with creating some great ideas to market Fathom.

S: You’re a West Hartford native and we’ve been here barely a year. Any advice or recommendations for doing as the locals do?

J: Enjoy all that the town has to offer! So many great places to go, eat, and hang out. When I’m not here at Fathom you can probably catch me out at Rockledge or Buena Vista Golf Course right here in West Hartford.

S: What’s the best advice that you’ve ever received?

J: The best advice I ever received came from both my parents who have always told me to work my hardest and put my best efforts into whatever I am doing.

S: Now it’s your turn, tell us something about yourself that no one else knows. (We won’t tell, promise).

My fun fact is really good. I don’t want to spoil the surprise for my new co-workers.

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