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Meet Lauren!


Lauren Andres is a senior at Wheaton College (MA) majoring in Studio Art. She grew up in Branford, Connecticut and is spending her summer at Fathom to gain more experience in graphic and website design. Lauren once worked in the Wheaton College Communications Office where she got to further enhance her graphic design skills. When not working on design, Lauren can be found running for the Wheaton Cross Country team or baking all of our favorite desserts.

After I had to spend some time in the hot seat answering questions, it was now my chance to turn the table and find out some more information from Lauren.

Jared: You’re a Studio Art major at Wheaton College. What is it and what interests you most about this field?

Lauren: Studio art is a variety of fine arts. It deals with painting, drawing, sculpture, and other two and three-dimensional arts. I am a very creative and visual person. Studio art gave me the opportunity to work with my hands a bit and work with something physically in front of me.

J: What do you see as your biggest challenge here at Fathom?

L: The biggest challenge I see here at Fathom is working at the level of designers. I have taken graphic design courses at school, but have not worked with programs as intensely as the people here have.

J: What kind of experience are you looking to get out of interning at Fathom this summer?

L: I am definitely looking at gaining more experience with graphic design programs and seeing how people work with these programs outside of the classroom. Another great part of Fathom is being able to work with a group that’s just not entirely designers. It will be a great experience to work with a variety of people here at Fathom.

J: What is the best advice you have ever received?

L: The best advice I have ever received is to do what you’re interested in. This is another reason why I went into studio art.

J: Ok, now your turn to give us a fun fact about yourself.

L: A fun fact about myself is that I went skydiving in Cape Cod for my graduation from high school.


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