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As part of Fathom’s Community Works initiative, three members of the Fathom team volunteered at Dress for Success Hartford to help with an extensive renovation at their offices.  The organization means a lot to us here at Fathom, as Louisa Desson has been a long time volunteer. Not only were we able to give back to a great charity, but also to one that means so much to one of our team members!

Dress for Success is an organization that provides low-income women with professional apparel, career development services, and ongoing employment retention programs. The renovation at the Dress for Success Hartford offices entailed helping to make the space as inviting and welcoming as possible to clients, staff, volunteers and guests.

Jonathan Abel, Suzi Craig, and Ryan Rose from Fathom joined the renovation team for a painting party. The paint was one of the last steps in the renovation. One of the most amazing stories to tell about this project is how it became a true community effort. Many other businesses joined in along the way to donate time and materials. Some of the other business that contributed were Avon Plumbing & Heating, CarpetWorks, Cyclone Home Systems, Freeland Bros., Construction, Inc., House of Hanbury Builders, Inc., Liljedahl Bros., Inc., David Litchfield Building & Remodeling, Morgan Contracting, Inc., Maher’s Paint & Wallpaper, LLC, and Schneider’s Flooring America

Jonathan hard at work!


Executive Director Sara Avatapalli had a clear vision for this renovation. Based on other regional Dress for Success locations, she was able to locate the materials and the people willing to help make the vision a reality. As profiled on local TV show Better Connecticut, the final look of the space accomplished what Sara was looking for.

“I was thrilled to see the renovation come to life, and just how it was envisioned. The new paint, floors and the space overall feels like a high-end department store instead of a corporate office building. What an amazing triumph to see so many businesses rally together to make this happen,” said Suzi Craig.

Spending the afternoon helping out at Dress for Success was a great experience for Fathom volunteers. When asked about their time at Dress for Success, Ryan Rose, brought up how the organization is more than just giving clothing and advice; it’s about instilling confidence into these women. Adding to the experience for Ryan, Suzi and Jonathan was the fact that the organization is so important to one of their fellow colleagues.

Our Painters: Ryan, Suzi, and Jonathan

The final renovation was revealed with great excitement to its supporters and fans at the 8th annual Capital Catwalk in June.

The big reveal!

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