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“Choose One Thing”
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How many hours do you spend working on things that don’t make any difference? Between the non-stop meetings, the check the box projects and the habitual going-through-the-motions work – it can seem endless.


What would happen if you asked these questions among your colleagues before embarking on what might be just tilting at windmills.

  1. What is the intent of this project? (What outcomes are we seeking – what change are we intending to make?)
  2. What impact will it have? (What resources, teams, time will we need to deliver the project. What impact might it have on our clients and ourselves?)
  3. What difference will it make? (What will having this project complete establish, does that satisfy the project’s intent and is it worth the impact it will have?)

Asking these questions of even in the most mundane projects will assure at least the conversation will be had – and at a minimum clarify if the work you are about to undertake is or isn’t going to make a difference. Ideally however, it will either kill a worthless effort before it sucks time away, or expand and develop the idea and create the possibility of something greater.

Imagine if you took it a step further, and into your whole life? If you knew what you were committed to (more about this coming soon), asking these questions before taking action on something would keep you from making those decisions asleep.




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Posted by: Brent Robertson
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