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You know that place where left and right brain meet? No—it’s not just the corpus callosum! It’s Brent Robertson’s sweet spot.

Brent is Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director of Fathom. He designs, builds stuff out of wood, can throw a mean pot, and has the magical ability to fix almost anything merely by glancing in its direction. The bonus? He can accomplish it all while doing some light philosophical reading and mapping out strategic pathways for Fathom’s next evolution.

Though he’s wired like a creative, Brent approaches business with the sensibility and aptitude of a seasoned entrepreneur. Clients and business leaders, colleagues, artists and philanthropists alike go to Brent when they want to discuss new opportunities and dive boldly (but safely!) into the future. When not at Fathom, Brent can be found at conferences and events speaking on emerging trends of industry and culture in a crowd-driven business.

A University of Hartford alum, Brent is a Hartford Business Journal 40 Under 40 and Business Champions award winner. He currently serves as Vice President on the Board of Trustees for the University of Hartford and on the Board of Directors of the AIGA.

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In my experience, most Requests for Proposals (RFPs) allow no possibility for possibility. They state exactly what the client wants, in finite detail. They then go on to ask the provider to answer a copious set of questions with varying degrees of relevancy. And, if the provider answers all the questions, and follows the RFP rules – the client ends up receiving however many responses that are just like the next. The issue is a result of the client knowing what they think they want instead of focusing on the challenge they are trying to overcome. Knowing what you want [More...]

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It’s always interesting to me, how a simple inquiry can open up a whole new world of success for an initiative. Before embarking on your next project or initiative, consider starting with this inquiry:

What difference is this work making, and how will we know?

Often we start something new by listing goals, objectives, specifications and requirements. This list is useful and necessary to establish the parameters for a body of work. However, those parameters are often broad-brush strokes that do little to define what success looks like, less, how we will know when we are being successful.

We then often leave it [More...]

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This month I attended the Automotive Marketing Research Council‘s Spring Conference in Marco Island, Florida. The conference, titled “Surfing the Waves of Uncertain Economic Recovery,” focused on forecasting financial information for members in the industry.

The pool of presenters included super savvy market researchers who shared forecasting data that would blow consumers’ minds in terms of what companies are able to gather on their buying habits. And then there was me. My topic was “The Age of Conversation: Bringing Social into Business.” Beyond the stats of usage and volume and trends, I had just [More...]

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A five star rating isn’t enough.

If you spend time in the social space, you have used it for uncovering recommendations for restaurants, products and people. This is nothing new. What I have noticed recently is that the standard “thumbs up” recommendations are not enough. Those seeking advice are more apt to dig through positives and negatives to find that one person whose experience was exactly what they were hoping for or hoping to avoid.

Quality assessment of a product has gone through an amazing revolution over the past years. The number of ways we can evaluate a product before committing to [More...]

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Engagement between your customers and your brand can happen at multiple points in the relationship. The intersections can be with your product, your people, your ideas or your expertise. Understanding when and where those magical moments of customer connection occur is critical information for building a long-term engagement strategy in the social space and beyond.

In this video, we raise the questions that reveal the essence of your customers’ love and where it lives.


When does love grow between your customers and your product/service (and, ultimately, your brand) — at purchase, during a chat with a neighbor, online, on the phone? [More...]

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The Treachery Of Images by René Magritte

Art allows us to see something that wasn’t ever before visible. A peek into the unexplained, a riveting look at a moment that would have just passed us by in life, a journey, a vision un-known to us. It stirs our inner self and reminds us how this world we’ve created is so limited in vision. And begs us the question, Why Not? Art shows us the vision, can connect us to it, and regardless of what form it takes, our fascination with it makes us the most human of beings.

The best art follows no rules, but is a game [More...]