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Adding to Fathom's unique cast is Louisa Desson, our Director of Strategic Marketing & Content Development. With a Master's in Journalism from Stanford and a mind as keen as an obsidian-edged blade (look it up—it’s even sharper than steel!), Louisa keeps her eye on the details without ever losing sight of the big picture—and how it can change. We’re lucky to have this sharp and thoughtful wordsmith on our clients' side (and ours too).

A natural explorer, Louisa approaches her day as if she's traveling unknown lands, enthusiasm and fresh eye included. This curiosity translates into her strategic thinking and writing, the basis for which is the personal, hands-on approach she uses to get to know our clients before ever putting pen to paper. Skilled at uncovering the facts that make a compelling story, Louisa has an intuitive sense of just the right question to ask and what sets a client apart from their competition.

At Fathom, Louisa applies her flair for cooking substance with style to content creation and SEO plans that get results, and she’s essential to creative planning sessions with the Fathom team and clients. But don’t ask her to pull out your stitches or help bandage any wounds—carnage is her only weakness.

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If you visited Disney World in the 1980s, you might have seen one of those families who toted their video cameras throughout the Magic Kingdom. They strode into “It’s a Small World” with a sense of purpose – and a seemingly endless supply of videotape – but one wondered if they would ever find a willing audience for their footage back home.

Turns out they were ahead of their time. According to YouTube, more video is uploaded to the site in 60 days than the three major U.S. networks produced in [More...]

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Today, our web developer, Jilla Dilmaghani, spied my copy of Nick Bilton’s I Live in the Future and quipped, “No, you don’t.” Well, she might be right when compared to the rest of Fathom, where healthy competition for the latest gadgets makes my newspaper subscription an anomaly.

But it’s the former newspaper reporter in me that wanted to learn about Bilton, a driving force behind how the New York Times competes in a digital age. He outlines a new reality in which individual consumers demand a [More...]

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What you don’t know can hurt you. Your company’s reputation is forming online whether you like it or not. Take a trip with our SEO whiz Louisa Handle as she shares some important insight into the burgeoning issue of managing your reputation online.