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You know that place where left and right brain meet? No—it’s not just the corpus callosum! It’s Brent Robertson’s sweet spot.

Brent is Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director of Fathom. He designs, builds stuff out of wood, can throw a mean pot, and has the magical ability to fix almost anything merely by glancing in its direction. The bonus? He can accomplish it all while doing some light philosophical reading and mapping out strategic pathways for Fathom’s next evolution.

Though he’s wired like a creative, Brent approaches business with the sensibility and aptitude of a seasoned entrepreneur. Clients and business leaders, colleagues, artists and philanthropists alike go to Brent when they want to discuss new opportunities and dive boldly (but safely!) into the future. When not at Fathom, Brent can be found at conferences and events speaking on emerging trends of industry and culture in a crowd-driven business.

A University of Hartford alum, Brent is a Hartford Business Journal 40 Under 40 and Business Champions award winner. He currently serves as Vice President on the Board of Trustees for the University of Hartford and on the Board of Directors of the AIGA.

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In my last post I talked about how successful organizational change depends on participants connecting to it, and I suggested a number of ways to establish those connections. But what is it they are connecting to? Organizational change begins with an idea, an idea that will make a difference for the company, its people and its customers. Today’s organizations are made up of elaborate interconnected relationships that require complex thinking to bring about change. However, our tendency to present the complexity of our ideas is exactly what keeps people [More...]

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Introducing change into an organization is tough business. Dr. John Kotter’s research in the mid 90’s found that only 30% of organizational change programs succeed no matter the scale of the initiative or the size of the organization. Even with an endless parade of consultants, tools, and methodologies to help avoid the pitfalls, this statistic still holds true today. So why is there such an abysmal track record of successful change? One of the leading factors for failure remains employee resistance. This suggests that the industry [More...]

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When clients come to us looking to develop a global online presence, they are often overwhelmed with where to start, and typically reference the “select your country” or other standard approach. However, in our experience following a standard never really ends up effectively resolving the concerns that had been seen as globally important in the first place. Instead, we take a strategic approach to establish the right way to do it for each unique client. We ask clients, “what business opportunities does having a global online presence support?”

Having clarity on the concrete business goals of shifting perception from a national [More...]

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This post is part four of a six-part series titled, “Choose One Thing” publishing in November and December 2013. If you’re like most businesses we know, you have that “one thing” from the past year that is still hanging in the air — it’s the one priority that, among all the others, would make the biggest impact on your business if it were fully realized. It could be competing in a new space or gaining more business from current customers. During this six-part series we’ll share the most common challenges we see among clients. If one of them is yours, [More...]

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How many hours do you spend working on things that don’t make any difference? Between the non-stop meetings, the check the box projects and the habitual going-through-the-motions work – it can seem endless.

What would happen if you asked these questions among your colleagues before embarking on what might be just tilting at windmills.

  • What is the intent of this project? (What outcomes are we seeking – what change are we intending to make?)
  • What impact will it have? (What resources, teams, time will we need to deliver the project. What impact might it have on our clients and [More...]

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    This post is reprinted from the original version on Tumblr.

    When it comes to incremental improvement, organizations have a myriad of proven methodologies and tools to work with. However, when it comes to creation and innovation there tends to be a lack of viable options, specifically around managing projects in the creative and innovative process.

    There has been a lot of buzz lately about Agile Developmental Methodology and how it could be leveraged outside of the software development industry. For starters it is a much more collaborative framework than [More...]