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When the Fathom team is knee-deep in strategy and reaches a critical moment, it’s pretty common to hear the phrase, "Get Bruce."

As Fathom's Creative Director, Bruce Kaechele brings an approach as artistic as it is logical to every project. In his past life as creative director for other agencies, Bruce worked on campaigns for brands like Unilever, Dannon and Coca-Cola. His experience with crafting brand concepts for products has served Fathom clients well as he brings a smart, fresh perspective to all the industries we serve, from not-for-profit to retail.

Bruce’s innate sense of timing and near-saintly patience help him lead the creative team on all fronts from vision to message. Bruce has a knack for finding the most brilliant nugget in a current of creative gold, scooping it up and polishing it down to the shine. When helping set the stage for brand experiences that keeps audiences coming back, clients and Fathomites turn to Bruce. Lucky for us, when we say,"Get Bruce," he's there at the ready (or at least at the pinball machine).

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Sounding human never felt so right.

Google’s recent algorithm update has, for the foreseeable future, given well written, relevant content a preferred seat at the audience engagement table. The way Copyblogger describes it, Hummingbird is Google’s first step toward providing search results based on conversational rather than keyword-based searches. So sources of information that address specific needs and sound like a human wrote them for another human to read, a sweet spot for well-written blogs, are going to rise to [More...]

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Language creates. Whether written, oral, or visual, language puts thoughts into a form that can have meaning for others. It allows ideas to be accessible and actionable. Without language our ideas don’t exist. How we choose to express an idea, then, is vital both to its existence and to the meaning it holds. 

How much do you scrutinize the language your organization uses to create itself? Do all your forms of outreach sound and feel uniquely you and bring the meaning of your organization into sharper focus or do they sound like [More...]

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This post is part three of a six-part series titled, “Choose One Thing” publishing in November and December 2013. If you’re like most businesses we know, you have that “one thing” from the past year that is still hanging in the air — it’s the one priority that, among all the others, would make the biggest impact on your business if it were fully realized. It could be competing in a new space or gaining more business from current customers. During this six-part [More...]

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We often talk about brand loyalty in terms of customers and how likely they are to buy our brand in the face of other choices. Not much gets said about the other side of loyalty in the equation . . . yours.

When my girls were young I was acutely aware of how I acted in front of them. When I slipped up – maybe in a moment of distraction or frustration – maybe gave a not-so-friendly wave to some incompetent driver – you can be sure it came back to haunt me.

The same [More...]

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On WNPR’s Where We Live segment with Al Bhatt last week, the discussion focused on Gen Yers and how they are impacting the workplace. They come with their life experiences (choice, constant and real-time conversation, and access) and expectations in tow and, often, find themselves pushing against the behavior of established collectives.

Collective nouns name groups composed of members, e.g. army, cabinet, jury, faculty, etc. The verb that follows a collective noun can be either singular or plural. If all members of the collective are doing the same action, at the same [More...]

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Star-Forming Region LH 95 in the Large Magellanic Cloud | Credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)-ESA/Hubble Collaboration

Your future is coming – and unless you do something, that’s the one you’ll get.

On the surface it’s obvious. We each have a future that we’re heading toward. But how many of us, in the midst of our day-to-day routines, appreciate that every second we spend on the path we’re on, further cements what’s coming? If you’re happy with your path, fantastic. If not, you have a limited time to make a difference. Lives are a lot like mutual funds – start investing early and baby steps are OK and the dividends are huge. Start late and your options are [More...]