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Fathom’s Community Works is a program designed as a way for us to make community service a sustainable part of our culture and inspire others to do the same. This year we chose to focus on “nourishment.” Some activities have included starting a pizza garden for Hartford city kids, volunteering at the Community Farm of Simsbury and more.

To wrap up our activities for the year, Fathom will close its doors for a half-day in mid-November and work [More...]

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As a mother, I have had to sacrifice some things and as my time has become less and less about me I have scaled back the volunteering I once did. I am no longer on the board of the Ad Club of Connecticut, the non-profit where I was once President. I continue to help how I can, managing social media and a section of the website but it’s harder than ever for me to find time to volunteer outside of work. That’s why I’m doubly excited about Fathom’s commitment to [More...]

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Anyone who knows me, knows I am all about the sweets.  So imagine my surprise when I pass an ice cream truck painted up with my bank’s logo all over it. Weird. But it gets better. This ice cream truck also advertises FREE ice cream. The only thing I like better than sweets are FREE sweets. In this economy – free ice cream?  Really? Amazing.

I beg my husband to turn the car around and follow that ice cream truck. I must investigate further. But, we’re already running late, so I don’t get to find out just why my bank is [More...]