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For Molly Dwyer, being a creative thinker and tech savvy are happily dueling forces. Fathom has found that letting Molly exercise both bents is best for all involved. In her role, Molly assists the account leaders in managing strategic work and creative projects. Her natural inclination for knowing when to turn the creative switch to "on" and put the tech side on hold (and vice-versa) makes her a nimble addition to the account team.Read more.

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It’s that time of year again.

Time for feasts of turkey, family gatherings, a 23-minute tradition called Alice’s Restaurant and Black Friday pre-sales. Thanksgiving is upon us. It’s easy to get caught up in the joyful spirit this season brings but, often, we are too distracted to remember that others are not so fortunate.

To close out this year’s Community Works theme of “nourishment,” we signed up with Foodshare‘s Turkey and Thirty program. Foodshare works to alleviate hunger and poverty in the greater Hartford area by partnering with 300 local programs, pantries, kitchens and shelters to make a [More...]

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You should not be a Project Manager if…

You cry easily;
You don’t appreciate a stiff drink;
You think twitter is a sound a bird makes;
You’ve ever punched a wall out of frustration;
Your best friend is a cat, unless that cat has a killer Facebook profile.

Have you ever had a really bad day (re: Case of the Mondays) where everything seems to go wrong? A project is off schedule; your meetings are double booked; e-mail keeps crashing; last-minute changes arrived for a deadline tomorrow and now, the coffee machine is broken. This is a [More...]

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Do you remember how much you learned from an executive’s latest business update or Town Hall? Did you take time to read about the new initiatives kicking off in the company’s quarterly newsletter? Or maybe you rely on the intranet for its engaging articles?

. . . crickets . . .

That’s what I thought. You probably missed the Town Hall because of some other critical meeting, the newsletter is lost in the abyss of your inbox, and turns out those intranet articles are not all that engaging.

Internal communication has proven unsuccessful many times over and thus, makes new project or [More...]