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Steve Machesney has a simple mantra: continuous improvement. His inclination to ask, "what if?" often gets him into trouble in all the right places, and keeps us in step with progress. As Fathom's VP of Strategy, Steve helps our creative and technology teams architect a plan for clients to measure success for their business and marketing efforts. Read more.

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If you work in a communications capacity for a B2B company with a complex sales cycle, you know how hard it is to find evidence of success for communication activities. Many companies believe that if it can’t be measured it doesn’t matter. These folks miss out on opportunities to build their businesses through tactics that are directionally right-on but are hard to measure with ROI.

Thankfully, there’s a better way to gauge the success of marketing communications than with ROI alone. You need to know about ROO or Return on Objectives.

First, Know What You’re Measuring

At Fathom, many of [More...]

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This post is part six of a six-part series titled, “Choose One Thing” publishing in November and December 2013. If you’re like most businesses we know, you have that “one thing” from the past year that is still hanging in the air — it’s the one priority that, among all the others, would make the biggest impact on your business if it were fully realized. It could be competing in a new space or gaining more business from current customers. During this six-part series we’ll share the most [More...]

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You have something worth sharing and it’s easier than you think.

I work with smart, clear, thoughtful clients everyday. They are fabulous at sharing what they think, know and see with their customers in one-to-one conversations. But when it comes to sharing their thoughts in writing they freeze up. They’re genuinely worried about whether or not they have something worthwhile to contribute. Their concerns often sound like “I don’t have anything original to say” or “I wouldn’t know where to begin.”

Before you read any further I have a confession to make. I don’t have original ideas. [More...]

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We here at Fathom have been noticing a trend lately. Some of our clients are getting invited to the buying cycle party later and later than they used to be. By the time a prospect contacts them the conversation immediately jumps to a price negotiation. There’s little opportunity to talk about fit, value or even what the prospect is trying to accomplish. It got us wondering what the heck is going on here and what could be done about it.

Content as Brand Agent

And then it hit us. Knowledgeable customers are [More...]

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I recently taught a class at The Grove, a coworking and collaboration space in New Haven, Connecticut. The class was How to Develop a Content Strategy for Your Website, an approach that can lead to great success in generating new business and establish thought leadership. It is also a topic that can seem overwhelming to many people because it’s still relatively unknown or, if known, unpracticed.

For the class, we discussed a framework for determining [More...]

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“Why won’t she just do what I tell her to?” I moaned to my wife after finding my 5-year-old covered in tattoo marker.  She looked like Mel Gibson from Braveheart for the better part of a week.  The fact is I can’t tell my daughter to do anything. I constantly have to persuade her to do what I want and there always needs to be something in it for her.

Working with your customers and potential customers is a lot like the relationships you have with your kids. You can’t make them do anything. You need to persuade them why they [More...]