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Steve Machesney has a simple mantra: continuous improvement. His inclination to ask, "what if?" often gets him into trouble in all the right places, and keeps us in step with progress. As Fathom's VP of Strategy, Steve helps our creative and technology teams architect a plan for clients to measure success for their business and marketing efforts. Read more.

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First, a quick confession. I was that kid in science class that always had his hand up asking questions three minutes before the period was over.  You can imagine how popular I was on Friday afternoons at 3pm. Today, as an online marketer, I actually get paid to ask questions. In our website work at Fathom, my colleagues and I throw a lot of ideas at the wall and see what sticks. Some of our ideas are spot on while others fall flat.

The hard part is knowing which ideas are which. “In this game,” [More...]