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Leading the charge for marketing and outreach for Fathom and its clients, Suzi is the team's social butterfly and night owl. If there's a must-attend event, she's either running it, working it or speaking at it.

Professionally, Suzi's worn many hats. She’s been a reporter and an event planner, and she’s a published author, too. As a hungry and budgetless entrepreneur with only grassroots marketing tactics at her disposal, she co-founded group88, a flex-time meeting and office space for independent professionals. Suzi has the ability to really hear a challenge and examine it from every angle, plus the energy to concentrate her immense amount of resources to create connections that fling open the door to opportunity.

At Fathom, Suzi brings her experience in grassroots marketing, social media and event planning to help build fan followings for the company and our clients. She crafts everything from social media strategy to PR that sticks. Suzi also leads discussions throughout the region on how organizations can foster inspired communities of active champions.

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Jared Kotler is a soon-to-be senior at George Washington University in D.C. majoring in Marketing and Business. He grew up in our home base of West Hartford, Conn. and is spending the summer at Fathom to gain more experience in marketing and business development. His skills in writing, communications and social media are exceptional. He once worked for Richard Blumenthal and is a self-proclaimed sports nut, as is evident from his tweets. But it was Jared’s positive energy, persistence and sheer joy for what he wants to do that [More...]

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Last week I spent 1.5 days with fellow industry colleagues at the B2B Content2Conversion Conference by DemandGen Report. Marketers, writers, researchers, technophiles, conversationalists and even left brainers gathered to take on the latest thinking and trends in content marketing.

Returning home from a conference is like coming home after a great hunting expedition. You are either excited to share your kill with fellow villagers, or you bow your head in shame if you came up empty handed. If only conferences were as vital to your survival as an [More...]

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When Jill Griffiths, VP of Corporate Communications at Aetna, talks fondly of her boss, it’s also with unnerving excitement. Will CEO Mark Bertolini say or do something to spark a forest fire of damage, or will his actions swing the other way and inspire a new possibility?

A veteran in health care communications, Griffiths reminded professionals at a recent event for the Connecticut chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), that her industry is an easy target. From the days of outing cigarette manufacturers to the Clinton era of health care reform, and now [More...]

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When Ross Martin, Executive VP at Viacom and leader of their “creative SWAT team” Scratch, first polled millennials about what character traits they valued most, they ranked them in this order of importance: being smart, being funny and being kind. Recently, when polled again, this group changed its priorities. Being smart was still first, but kindness had jumped to the number two spot, trumping funny.

This info was just one of many notables that Martin shared when he presented at the Hartford Public Library last night as a part of [More...]

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Our creative work at Fathom is primarily digital, even in books, magazines and annual reports, but lately we are seeing a resurgence in print. With small press options helping to lower costs and retain quality, marketers are selectively investing in print for special projects. Aside from marketing, there are other reasons too. Like, the chance to create something lasting and meaningful for those around you.

Recently, Fathom’s Jenn Ford and Joe Philippon (whose expertise in print and design long pre-empts the days [More...]

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For many of us, long gone are the days of investing thousands of dollars into exhibiting and attending events. Many of our clients are being smart about why and how they attend events, given tight budgets and the always looming question of, “will this event really lead to more opportunity?”

The potential that I see, and often missed potential, is in strengthening the connections and conversations you have online — before, during and after an event — to maximize the face-to-face experience. When building your event strategy for the year, consider these questions:

What absolutely, positively can’t be done online? Virtual conferences, email, [More...]