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What is your FAQ page saying about you?

When I see FAQ pages, I read them – or at least scan them. Not only can they be the easiest way to find information, they can also be an interesting look into what web site owners believe about their site and what they offer, and what they think their visitors care about. The standard approach is the easy one – factual answers written in a plain vanilla style. But that wastes an opportunity to engage with readers as human beings rather than as robots.

The standard Q&A format is perfect for having a [More...]

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Best case scenario is that every person who worked on the new Tide Coldwater campaign is too young to remember the early ’90s. Worst case is that someone did remember and decided ripping off another agency’s creative product was OK.

Granted, no one can remember every ad campaign ever created and some repetition or close variations of campaign themes is inevitable. But when the campaign line in question, Get Out Of The Old. Get Into The Cold (for Miller Genuine Draft) had national TV exposure for at least two years (that I recall) – at a time when national TV still [More...]

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It’s pretty clear that social media is becoming an accepted method for raising money and support for cause-related organizations. Sara Lee is doing it today with their National Sandwich Day promotion that uses Facebook and Twitter to raise money for Share Our Strength.

Target did it for their Do Something 101 promotion that used Facebook to support an effort by to collect donations of school supplies.

Then yesterday [More...]

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I nearly fall off my chair when I have a bad customer service experience. It seems reprehensible that in the age of ZapposJetBlue, Apple and even old schoolers like L.L. Bean leading the customer service charge that being treated bad for no reason exists at all.

This week, I had to contact two companies for very different purposes but the customer service inquiries were similar. I needed help and I needed it fast. The experiences were night and day. The companies, EventBrite and [More...]

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A Seriously Fun Group of Folks

Yesterday Fathom and CT Nonprofits kicked off our “Social Media Champs” certificate series for nonprofit Marketers. We have a really interesting mix in the class with organizations focused on a variety of areas in health, hunger, education, community, youth and rehabilitation.

We’ve structured the sessions so that we have one class per month. Our next class is in November and then our final class is in December. We promoted the class to people who are already using social networking platforms (Facebook, etc.) because we didn’t want to spend time in the class answering the “why” question. If we have to convince [More...]

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Suzi with Chris Brogan

Disclaimer: This article has tons of opinion and is not a play-by-play of the Inbound Marketing Summit 2009, Boston. A great recap and list of other blogs and info on the conference can be found on Bob Cargill’s A New Marketing Commentator blog. If you are on Twitter, be sure to follow the hash tag page: #ims09.

When signing up for the Inbound Marketing Summit in Boston (held this week), I was pumped. I was ready to rock ‘n roll.

I have been digging my heels pretty heavy into the social media scene for a year [More...]

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