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You have something worth sharing and it’s easier than you think.

I work with smart, clear, thoughtful clients everyday. They are fabulous at sharing what they think, know and see with their customers in one-to-one conversations. But when it comes to sharing their thoughts in writing they freeze up. They’re genuinely worried about whether or not they have something worthwhile to contribute. Their concerns often sound like “I don’t have anything original to say” or “I wouldn’t know where to begin.”

Before you read any further I have a confession to make. I don’t have original ideas. [More...]

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Being human is hot.

Last month, AdAge talked about Jet Blue’s “Air on the Side of Humanity” and other similar campaigns, while Lippincott and Hill Holiday welcomed us to the “Human Era.” A recent Forbes article, Dear Leaders: Humanize Your Brand, suggests that the online world is a “virtual town square” that allows “brands to build emotional connections with their customers, to become a part of their lives.”

Let’s look past the ridiculous idea that being human is [More...]

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We here at Fathom have been noticing a trend lately. Some of our clients are getting invited to the buying cycle party later and later than they used to be. By the time a prospect contacts them the conversation immediately jumps to a price negotiation. There’s little opportunity to talk about fit, value or even what the prospect is trying to accomplish. It got us wondering what the heck is going on here and what could be done about it.

Content as Brand Agent

And then it hit us. Knowledgeable customers are [More...]

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On a conference call today for a speaking event, “Social Media Policy” set for Thur., October 3 at CCSU’s Institute of Technology and Business Development (ITBD), the speakers discussed the most important points to relay during the hour long panel discussion. I was energized by the level of thoughtfulness in the conversation. My co-panelists include Shipman & Goodwin partner and super social media star Dan Schwartz, savvy operations and HR expert Jessica Rich of The Walker Group and the always-sharp [More...]

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This week I met with Marketer’s Anonymous, a savvy group of marketing go-getters who gather each month to share experiences and insight around a particularly hot topic. This month we heard from two members, Allison Lantieri from Ovation Benefits and Faith Antion from ADNET, about how they’ve been able to evolve their content marketing program beyond their marketing department.

The biggest roadblock that I see in this work is helping others in the company answer this question: “Why should I stop what I’m doing in my day job to write a blog [More...]

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How many hours do you spend working on things that don’t make any difference? Between the non-stop meetings, the check the box projects and the habitual going-through-the-motions work – it can seem endless.

What would happen if you asked these questions among your colleagues before embarking on what might be just tilting at windmills.

  • What is the intent of this project? (What outcomes are we seeking – what change are we intending to make?)
  • What impact will it have? (What resources, teams, time will we need to deliver the project. What impact might it have on our clients and [More...]
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