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Introducing change into an organization is tough business. Dr. John Kotter’s research in the mid 90’s found that only 30% of organizational change programs succeed no matter the scale of the initiative or the size of the organization. Even with an endless parade of consultants, tools, and methodologies to help avoid the pitfalls, this statistic still holds true today. So why is there such an abysmal track record of successful change? One of the leading factors for failure remains employee resistance. This suggests that the industry [More...]

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Sounding human never felt so right.

Google’s recent algorithm update has, for the foreseeable future, given well written, relevant content a preferred seat at the audience engagement table. The way Copyblogger describes it, Hummingbird is Google’s first step toward providing search results based on conversational rather than keyword-based searches. So sources of information that address specific needs and sound like a human wrote them for another human to read, a sweet spot for well-written blogs, are going to rise to [More...]

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As part of Fathom’s Community Works initiative, three members of the Fathom team volunteered at Dress for Success Hartford to help with an extensive renovation at their offices.  The organization means a lot to us here at Fathom, as Louisa Desson has been a long time volunteer. Not only were we able to give back to a great charity, but also to one that means so much to one of our team members!

Dress for Success is an organization that provides low-income women with professional apparel, career development services, and [More...]

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Lauren Andres is a senior at Wheaton College (MA) majoring in Studio Art. She grew up in Branford, Connecticut and is spending her summer at Fathom to gain more experience in graphic and website design. Lauren once worked in the Wheaton College Communications Office where she got to further enhance her graphic design skills. When not working on design, Lauren can be found running for the Wheaton Cross Country team or baking all of our favorite desserts.

After I had to spend some time in the hot seat answering questions, it was now my chance [More...]

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When Jill Griffiths, VP of Corporate Communications at Aetna, talks fondly of her boss, it’s also with unnerving excitement. Will CEO Mark Bertolini say or do something to spark a forest fire of damage, or will his actions swing the other way and inspire a new possibility?

A veteran in health care communications, Griffiths reminded professionals at a recent event for the Connecticut chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), that her industry is an easy target. From the days of outing cigarette manufacturers to the Clinton era of health care reform, and now [More...]

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Our creative work at Fathom is primarily digital, even in books, magazines and annual reports, but lately we are seeing a resurgence in print. With small press options helping to lower costs and retain quality, marketers are selectively investing in print for special projects. Aside from marketing, there are other reasons too. Like, the chance to create something lasting and meaningful for those around you.

Recently, Fathom’s Jenn Ford and Joe Philippon (whose expertise in print and design long pre-empts the days [More...]

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