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“Choose One Thing”


For many of us, long gone are the days of investing thousands of dollars into exhibiting and attending events. Many of our clients are being smart about why and how they attend events, given tight budgets and the always looming question of, “will this event really lead to more opportunity?”

The potential that I see, and often missed potential, is in strengthening the connections and conversations you have online — before, during and after an event — to maximize the face-to-face experience. When building your event strategy for the year, consider these questions:

What absolutely, positively can’t be done online? Virtual conferences, email, [More...]

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Kids are instinctively resourceful. To them, anything from a stick to a two-by-four is an invitation to create something new. At my house, a cardboard box from Fathom’s new conference room chairs became a local grocery store.

There is something gratifying about repurposing material, to change what it was originally designed for and turn it into something else. It’s not the easy way out. The easy way is to buy one at the store — shiny, new and colorful, and designed and packaged for you. Something handmade is always more special. It’s unique and it truly belongs [More...]

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You should not be a Project Manager if…

You cry easily;
You don’t appreciate a stiff drink;
You think twitter is a sound a bird makes;
You’ve ever punched a wall out of frustration;
Your best friend is a cat, unless that cat has a killer Facebook profile.

Have you ever had a really bad day (re: Case of the Mondays) where everything seems to go wrong? A project is off schedule; your meetings are double booked; e-mail keeps crashing; last-minute changes arrived for a deadline tomorrow and now, the coffee machine is broken. This is a [More...]

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Time is typically looked at in terms of the day-to-day, hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute clock. It can be seen as an ominous shadowy figure that we fend off with productivity and to do lists. Taking “time out of your day” to do something that’s not on your list feels like someone is stealing something precious from you. But, when it comes to building relationships, your best friend is time. The more space you create for spending time with someone, the more fertile ground you’ll generate for that relationship to grow. We all know this, but how do we make it happen along with [More...]

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Fathom is moving our offices from our original home in Hartford, Connecticut, to eight minutes away in West Hartford center. The

fact that half of our company lives within a five-mile radius of West Hartford (and six of us live within walking distance) wasn’t the deciding factor in our move, but it is a great perk.

There are other things that excite us about the move so we decided to shoot a video about it. And, most of it was fit for public consumption . . .

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This week, I had the pleasure of being on a panel called, “From Barstools to Ballots,” presented by Hartford Young Professionals & Entrepreneurs (HYPE) and Connecticut’s Old State House.

The discussion centered on where people go to interact and discuss current events. Back in “the day,” taverns and watering holes were hubs of activity, where people shared news, debated issues and, through conversation and serendipitous meetings, altered the course of their community. Today, where does this happen? Do you have a local haunt where [More...]

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