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“Choose One Thing”

Community Works

Three years ago at this time I was wearing a cheesy holiday sweater and thinking of alias names for my co-workers such as Jennifer “Sweet Treats” Ford and “The Bruce.” We were creating “Legends of the Sled,” a holiday digital card that followed the 2009 online Saucer Sled game created for the enjoyment of clients and fans.

Long before my days at Fathom, it was an annual tradition to send digital holiday greetings. Today, holiday spirit is just as important to us. But, what’s changed is how, and when, we bring that spirit to life.

In 2011, we [More...]

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It’s that time of year again.

Time for feasts of turkey, family gatherings, a 23-minute tradition called Alice’s Restaurant and Black Friday pre-sales. Thanksgiving is upon us. It’s easy to get caught up in the joyful spirit this season brings but, often, we are too distracted to remember that others are not so fortunate.

To close out this year’s Community Works theme of “nourishment,” we signed up with Foodshare‘s Turkey and Thirty program. Foodshare works to alleviate hunger and poverty in the greater Hartford area by partnering with 300 local programs, pantries, kitchens and shelters to make a [More...]

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Fathom’s Community Works is a program designed as a way for us to make community service a sustainable part of our culture and inspire others to do the same. This year we chose to focus on “nourishment.” Some activities have included starting a pizza garden for Hartford city kids, volunteering at the Community Farm of Simsbury and more.

To wrap up our activities for the year, Fathom will close its doors for a half-day in mid-November and work [More...]

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As a mother, I have had to sacrifice some things and as my time has become less and less about me I have scaled back the volunteering I once did. I am no longer on the board of the Ad Club of Connecticut, the non-profit where I was once President. I continue to help how I can, managing social media and a section of the website but it’s harder than ever for me to find time to volunteer outside of work. That’s why I’m doubly excited about Fathom’s commitment to [More...]

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As a part of Fathom’s Community Works program, we choose an activity each quarter that allows us to close up shop and volunteer with an organization that needs help. With this year’s theme for group activities as “nourishment,” our summer outing at the Community Farm of Simsbury delivered . . . in sunshine, digging in the dirt, gathering together and joining a small group of caring people who are doing big things.

Community Works committee member Molly Dwyer organized the day and arranged the amazing weather. Thanks [More...]

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If you are looking to begin an employee volunteering program at your company, you might be wondering how to make it successful and sustainable. We all have good intentions to start a program that is designed to help others in our community yet clients and our work take top priority. Time and resources are tight especially at small businesses. How do you fit it all in, make it all work and keep your commitments to those you wish to help? While there is no easy answer to this and each path is different, we hope our story can help those [More...]

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