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“Choose One Thing”

Friday Lunch

This Friday Lunch, Fathom was visited by Dave Murphy and his fellow Oil Drum Art board members, Jack Lardis and Donna Donovan. Dave has been working on an amazing local, and soon-to-be global, community project that he hopes (and we do too) Fathom can participate in.

A master woodworker and former MadMen-like advertising exec, Dave has built a catamaran for off-shore fishing that communities in developing countries can construct themselves from oil drums and easily accessible materials. The project began as a way to help raise funds for [More...]

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Today, I led the team in a quick exercise to validate a distinction that myself and Bruce Kaechele needed for how we talk about Fathom. It might appear to some to be semantics, but we needed to ensure that the language we use truly represents who we are.

In the work that we do, we see little or lasting value in creating something that is fabricated or not inherently in existence within an organization. In other words, if it’s not authentic to an organization, we can’t promise that we’ll do our best work to create [More...]

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As Fathom continues exploring how to make doing good in our community a part of who we are, I’ve been thinking a lot about group dynamics.

Why do some ideas generated by groups live and thrive while others die on the vine? The same thing could be said for you as an individual too. What makes something maintainable in your life, and why do some things fade away?

Scale is definitely a factor. If you have a lot of chefs in the kitchen all working on the same meal, the output could be great or a disaster depending on how people collaborate. [More...]

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This week Fathom completed our coat drive and brought the donations (115 coats!), along with dinner from Agave Grill, to friends of Joe the Barber. Agave owner Al Ferranti himself joined us for the Wednesday event in Bushnell Park and was, as always, happy to be a part of helping others. We were amazed at the support of our friends and family (shout outs can be found on Give Coats Facebook fan page), particularly during a time when most of us were [More...]

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Today at lunch, Fathom continued our conversation on how, as a company, we can find ways to make giving a habit. While we are unsure of exactly what this will be moving forward, we are happy to announce our first step into putting good works into action.

We’ve decided to start by supporting a local hero, someone who has already made giving an everyday part of his life.

Enter: Joe the Barber

For more than 20 years, Joe (whose real name is Anthony Cymerys) has been showing up each Wednesday night in Hartford’s Bushnell Park, rain [More...]

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Each Friday, the Fathom crew comes together at 12:15 to eat lunch, talk about the week and discuss a topic of interest. Since what happens at Fathom doesn’t have to stay at Fathom (well, mostly), we use our blog to share the conversations that we hope will interest you too.

Things are changing at Fathom. We are taking on work that is challenging and new. We are expanding our team, our skill sets and our future by taking on opportunities [More...]

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